The Genoa Take&Carry represents, for Machieraldo, a new distribution format which is bound to transform the habits and improve the processes of Ligurian and southern Piedmont hardware and household retailers. The "Choose it, take it, sell it" philosophy is based on the possibility of obtaining supplies direct in a simple, fast way, without having to stock up and with goods being immediately available, so that they can be sold by the end of the day.

The Genoa Take&Carry extends over a total area of over 10,000 square meters (including parking lots, outdoor areas and internal exhibition areas) and is located near the Genoa-Bolzaneto motorway exit. Only retailers provided with a code can access the warehouse: after filling their carts, they can collect their invoice at the cashier, based on the same special commercial conditions as if they were followed by an agent. "This format is already very popular in other nations, but we are the first to try it here in Italy: an innovative, simple and advantageous service."